Vincenzo Bellini - L'Abbandono

L'Abbandono - Bellini-Freund cover.jpg

ARRANGED FOR Soprano (or treble instrument) and harp

Italian operatic composer Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835) composed simple and tuneful works for voice and piano.  L’Abbandono is from a collection of fifteen pieces, Composizioni da Camera, which likely composed in the 1820s when Bellini was young, but remained unpublished until the centenary of his death in 1935.  This intense and firey work contains a fantasy-like opening, followed by allegro driving rhythms.  This flexible arrangement can be performed on a recital in harp and voice format, or adapted for any harp and treble instrument to sight-read at gigs.

Instrumentation: Flexible-- Soprano and Harp, or Treble Instrument and Harp

Difficulty: Intermediate

Publisher: Lyon & Healy