Are you a composer writing for the harp for the first time?  Are you an arranger with questions about harp notation?  Or even an actor who needs to learn how to fake play a harp?  Dr. Freund offers customized consulting services in harp and general music areas to meet your specific needs and answer your questions.  Regardless of your harp questions, she is happy to be someone whom you can bounce off your musical ideas. Consultations can happen face-to-face in a music studio or over coffee, or purely online via email or Skype.   

Dr. Freund has worked with composers at Oberlin College, the Henry Mancini Institute, Northwestern University, and at Augustana College, coaching students and young professionals in their harp writing.  She has worked with California-based composer Alan Terricciano, and contributed edits to his harp concerto The Parting Glass and his chamber work Grey Goose and Gander for soprano solo, three-part women's chorus, and harp.  Projects are handled in a collaborative and constructive fashion, and quick turnaround times are frequently possible.