Dr. Erin Freund is a versatile, dynamic, and creative harpist, equally at home performing solo music, chamber music, and orchestral repertoire.  She is a performer, arranger, composer, music therapist, recording artist, and educator,  passionate about displaying and sharing the full capabilities of the harp. 

At one moment, her fingers will pluck like mad, creating short, pointed notes which play in your ear. At another, they will gracefully tease out smooth, dulcet melodies.
– Augustana College Observer

Explore Erin Freund's current projects, shop for recordings and sheet music, learn about upcoming concerts, and listen to previous recital performances. Learn about the harp program at Augustana College and her private harp studio open to harpists of all ages and abilities.  Incorporate the harp into a concert series, educational program, or special event.  Collaborate on a harp composition to create a beautiful, idiomatic work for a harpist.  And contact Erin to start a dialogue.